Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    There is an adage (or cliché depending on your point of view) in business which states:
    If you are not happy with our services, tell us. If you are happy with our services, tell others.

    Here at we applaud the sentiment, but feel that such loyalty should be rewarded. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a financial incentive if you refer your friends, family or business associates to us.

  2. Definitions
    • “Xemik Solutions!” shall mean Xemik Solutions! Ltd;
    •” is the web-hosting brand name of Xemik Solutions! Ltd;
    • “Customer” shall mean any party whether an individual, partnership or company (incorporated or otherwise) which contracts to use the services provided on;
    • “Referral” shall mean any occasion whereby a Customer recommends the services provided by Xemik Solutions! to a third party and that third party subsequently contracts with Xemik Solutions! as a consequence of such recommendations;
    • “Referree” shall mean a third party who contracts with Xemik Solutions! as a consequence of a referral by a Customer;
    • “the Services” means web hosting, domain name registration, email and any other services or facilities provided by Xemik Solutions!;
  3. Qualifying Services
    Qualifying Services are those Services on which credit will be given. These Services include:
    • Web hosting (excluding domain 'Parking')
    • Web design
    • Website maintenance and/or optimisation
    • Contract of more than six month for other services provided by Xemik Solutions! Ltd
  4. Non-Qualifying Services
    Services explicitly excluded from the referral scheme and on which no credit will be given:
    • Domain name registrations
    • Hosting for domain name 'Parking'
    • Email-only accounts
    • Transfer-in of domain names
    • Contract of less than six month for other services provided by Xemik Solutions! Ltd
  5. To receive credit for a referral your domain name and/or account number must be quoted at time of order.
  6. A 2½% credit will accrue against qualifying services on the initial order made by the referree, and will not be due on subsequent orders or renewals, or on orders not placed as a direct consequence of a referral.
  7. The referral credit will accrue only after full payment has been received for the qualifying services. If full payment is not received by the due date, no right to a referral credit will accrue.
  8. Any credit accrued will be used to offset the cost of renewal of the referor's hosting package, domain name registrations and/or other services account with us. Hosting packages will be renewed up to a maximum of two years.
  9. A Customer may at no time demand payment of any excess credit balance remaining after applying the above offset.
  10. Should a Customer decline to renew their services with us, they will lose all rights to unused referral credits. However, we may, at our discretion, allow such unused credits to be offset against services purchased from us within six months of the termination of prior services.